The Celebrity Internet Bingo Phenomenon Brings Great Things For Charity

Celebrity Bingo is becoming a hit, not only in small circles, but also to athletic figures and those in showbiz and the Red Carpet. For celebrities and those in the spotlight it has become a way not only to have fun but also raise a great deal of money for charitable causes. Rupert Murdoch, Sharon Osbourne and Troy Brown are the few of many who have hosted and participated in Bingo galas and contests throughout London and the United States.Free bingo blitz credits Last year, the event hosted by Troy Brown in the Gillette Stadium on Dec 11, 2006 was responsible for raising over 10,000 dollars. Brown, a footballer for the New England Patriots was deemed the main sponsor for the event which consisted of dinner, games and silent auctions. The event garnered attention from sponsors such as Celebrities for Charity, and Celebrity Marketing and attracted faces such as Harrison Ford, George Lopez and Snoop Dogg. The event took two popular pastimes,bingo and football, merging them together to raise a great deal of money for an excellent cause.

According to Christian Rose Day of the London Paper, the internet bingo phenomenon is becoming a trend not excluding celebrities, which has spread like wildfire and is becoming a source of entertainment for those in and out of the blitz, according to Day more people attend bingo than any of the English or Scottish football matches combined. With this kind of reception the addictiveness of online bingo is becoming an epidemic much like gambling and reaching the radar of the press. If the London Paper is noticing its popularity, Day writes about bingo enthusiastically, pointing out the number of Bingo clubs, 700 around London, employing over 20,000 people. This is a larger number of people than are employed Bingo is definitely making its mark on London. There has even been an interactive DVD game created by actor Ricky Tomlinson, presenter of his own television series One Life displaying that celebrity bingo has now been moved off the table and into cyberspace and to personal homes. The game features Tomlinson as an interactive host, with his separate personalities in each different of the different virtual scenarios. Games such as this increase the reception of bingo and accessibility of the excitement of the game from the comfort of ones own home.

The description of the Bingo madness and lifestyle, contrary to a common ongoing popular belief bingo continues to be an exciting event, attracting the like of Hollywood stars such as Elle Macpherson and Mariah Carey but an activity also appealing to the masses off the silver screen.

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