Microsoft’s Surface Neo is a Folding PC with Windows 10X Torrent

While we have a lot of questions—camera, chip, battery life, carrier support, and price—the Surface Duo is undoubtedly exciting. As Android phones and iPhones are struggling to figure out the next big thing, the Surface Duo is a new category of device with, as Panay said, “a unique design ethos that Surface brings with every single app in the Android ecosystem.” However, we’re going to have to wait a while to get it. Microsoft says the Surface Duo won’t ship until holiday 2020, more than a year away. By that point, the Galaxy S11, iPhone 12, and Pixel 5 will all be here, so Microsoft will certainly have its work cut out for it. But if you’re in the market for a new phone, you might want to hold off just a little longer


With Microsoft’s Surface Neo, the company looks ahead to a future that’s foldable. At its Surface event in New York on Wednesday, Microsoft unveiled a prototype Surface Neo that will feature a next-gen Lakefield CPU, the thinnest LCD ever made, and a new vision for mobile productivity. It won’t actually ship until late next year, but what Microsoft showed gives all the other companies trying folding devices a lot to think about.

The Surface Neo features two opposing screens that fold on a geared 360-degree hinge. That hinge allows the Neo to be used as a large tablet, as a book-shaped reader, or as a small tablet when the screens are folded back-to-back.

Microsoft knows productivity matters whatever the mode, so it’s cleverly designed a magnetic wireless keyboard that attaches to the back of the screen or sits on top of one of the screens, so the Neo can be used like a traditional clamshell device.

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