Writing articles for publication on-line is the most effective no out-of-pocket cost method of marketing I know. You have the opportunity to show others your knowledge in an area of interest. When the reader finds the article helpful, he or she will often click on your link in the resource box to discover what else you have to share. You, the author of the article, then have a lead to send follow-up emails to sell your product or service.

The Power of Keywords

The reader found your article by doing a keyword search on one of the search engines. Even if the search was on EzineArticles or similar article distribution sites, what you wrote has been found. Using the correct keywords in what you write will give your article a greater chance of being found. To write in an informative manner, you not only want to have good keywords, you also want to write naturally. If you do article marketing by stuffing your piece with the same keyword repeatedly, your writing sounds stilted and artificial Spinbot.co.

Using a Keyword Density Tool

Your best article marketing distribution sites limit the density of keywords in the articles they accept. For instance, EzineArticles allows the keyword to appear twice per every hundred words of your piece. If your submission contains 400 words, you may use the keyword, and that includes long-tailed ones (phrases), eight times throughout the article.

When I write, I simply write. I don’t pay attention to what words I use. I have the topic in mind, a basic outline, and then let the fingers fly over the keyboard. I usually aim for a piece between 500 and 700 words. I want it to be long enough to be informative, but not so long that people lose interest.

After I finish writing, I then copy and past my piece into a keyword density tool. You can find a free one by putting the term “keyword density tool” in your search engine. The one I use lets you filter the responses by words of a certain length or phrases consisting of a certain number of words. I begin with words of four letters and I want the keyword density tool to find phrases one, two, three and four words long. If a term has more than the accepted number of occurrences, I begin to rewrite or pull out the thesaurus and look for synonyms. If the word or term isn’t used enough, I look for places to insert it as long as the writing isn’t awkward.

I just checked my keyword density on this piece. Since I want this piece to be about 500 words, I know I can use the word “article” and “keyword” two more times, once more now. That lets me know I need to pay particular attention to how I close this piece so that I choose my words wisely.

If you focus on your writing to first be informative, you can adjust it for keywords after you finish. You’ll then have an article which is excellent for marketing and will catch the eye of a prospect. You want to educate, not sell. That way you establish trust and people are more likely to buy from you.

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