SEO for voice searches: The ultimate guide with all the tricks and tips!

Voice searches are growing, and they won’t stop! In a world of ‘I want everything fast’, this technology falls comes ring to finger; it is accurate, fast and responds to users effectively. So it is key to appear from the first in front of this type of searches and today we give you all the tricks and tips to optimize the SEO of your website and position yourself for voice searches.

We have gone through a lot in recent years; since the appearance of mobile phones, through the adaptation of the Web to a responsive design, the implementation of artificial intelligence applications (RankBrain), among others, until now: voice searches.Yes, voice searches are the priority; even Homer Simpson in the last season makes use of them!

Thanks to Google AssistantMicrosoft Cortana or Apple SIRI, people can find what they need precisely and easily. It is no longer necessary to type to find something, you just have to say it and, as if by magic, the search engine gives you the answer. Everything fast and without a click!

As statistics suggest that voice searches will represent more than 50% of total searches by the year 2020, it is time to start including them in our SEO strategy today.If you think you’re not yet ready to venture into this, you should know that optimizing SEO for voice searches will expand your local SEO, make your brand enjoy a higher ranking in search engines and make your users happy. Can you ask for anything else?

As I know that your purpose is to make your business take off as soon as possible, I advise you to start now. Optimize your SEO so that your audience can find your website development companies in Mysore, through voice and from any mobile device, must be your number one priority in these times. And do not worry! If you need help, our SEO Web positioning services will help you achieve that, and much more! But first, I will explain what this revolutionary world of voice searches is all about and what techniques to follow to implement the SEO of your website.

What are voice searches?

The voice searches are an important part of the SEO of any website; a new function offered by Web search engines, such as Google, and that works with several voice recognition algorithms to answer the queries or searches that users perform aloud, instead of having to write them, as has been done traditionally.

In this way, when someone wishes to make a query, they will only have to request it through their voice and, in a few seconds, they will have access to one or more response options that the search engine considers as more accepted for the person.

Voice searches are accurate, fast and very easy to do; it is an innovative technology that is here to stay and that is increasingly popular.

Voice Search Features


Voice searches, which looks like a conversation, are longer

We have been looking for information briefly for years; that is, being careful when selecting the words and phrases we write to indicate to the search engine that we want certain information.

But this has remained in the past! Not only because there are special algorithms for it like Panda, Penguin or Hummingbird , that already do that work for us, but because thanks to voice searches we are allowed to be more natural . In fact, it is a requirement to obtain a good result.

Voice searches seek the answer to specific questions, rather than results against long-tailed keywords, as traditional searches do.

Google is getting better at understanding what users want, which has led to voice searches more like a conversation between people; Longer and using a more natural language.

22% of voice searches are local queries

Did you know that Apple SIRI exists since 2011? What a surprise! Did you also know that in 2017 there were more than 5,000 million mobile devices in the world? How is this related? In that the searches by voice, in their majority, are realized through mobile devices and 22% of these have to do with local content. So, as the population of mobile devices has grown exponentially, it makes sense that searches of this type are also on the rise.

I don’t think we have to explain much at this point it is simple! Your business can earn much more if you optimize the SEO of your website, to appear among the first in voice searches. It is a safe bet. It is time to appear in that ‘near me’ that your potential customers look for on the Internet.

People want immediate answers

As users want to find immediate answers, voice search is useful for things as basic as a hotel reservation, where to eat, which hospitals are nearby, and even to find physical stores with Internet presence; among many, many other things of daily life.

It is a way of having everything at hand, and without much effort, so it is important that your company appears in this type of search.The best way to take advantage of this feature is to strive to leave all relevant information to your business and index and position that web content of value correctly. Data such as the exact address of your store, work schedules, telephones, ways to book a service, type of products you offer, etc., will make the difference between your company and your closest competition.

Why are voice searches gaining so much acceptance?

This question is not difficult to answer; the first is that it is easier and less cumbersome to speak than to write, and the second is that voice search is more accurate every day, being able to improve your results with each search you receive.

Simply put, it is a technology that is enhanced with your experience.

Are voice searches a fad?

Not at all! As I said at the beginning of this post it is expected that, by the year 2020, 50% of the total searches that are made worldwide will be through the voice, so we are facing a technology that in a few years will be able to penetrate all aspects of the internet, in cars, houses and in most establishments.

For all this, not in vain, Amazon is trying to get Alexa to have a presence in hotels around the world, so we should fit in with it.Voice searches are not only changing the way you search locally, but they represent a challenge for SEO.

Conquer and position your website on top of Google!

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Reasons why voice searches are important for SEO

Not only Millennials use voice searches

Millennials or generation Y are not the only ones who use this technology, but from children and adolescents to people over 65 are being seduced by virtual voice assistants.

There is no better explanation to this than to understand that voice searches eliminate writing barriers, solve the typical problem of having to write in small or tactile letters and make work easier for those who do not have much time to type.

With this technology it is possible that there is an approach between companies and certain user groups that previously seemed unattainable for them.

Amazon will put Alexa in hotel rooms

As I mentioned above, Amazon is joining forces to make Alexa, its virtual assistant for Amazon Echo speakers , present in hotel rooms.Many may still believe that voice searches will go out of style, but I assure you that Amazon does not take false steps, and must have already thoroughly studied the market.

Like Amazon, we must focus on these advances to renew our SEO strategy. Being up to these innovative ideas will be vital for any company; also, you should know that they are already running in the important hotel chain Marriot Hotels.This is very good news for our SEO strategy! Well, it is a clear opportunity to make companies improve their rankings through local users, taking advantage of the fact that Alexa or any other virtual tool will encourage users to search by voice.

Voice assistants have also approached universities

We continue with Amazon! As the company has been working with Arizona State University, to whom he donated some 1,600 Echo Dots (smart speakers that connect to Alexa) to persuade students to this new world led by voice.In addition, Amazon has made links with four other universities to introduce their speakers in student dormitories. What does Amazon want to get out of this? Get college students to relate to Alexa on campus, but also to include them in their homes.This will lead to increased local searches and, consequently, companies can benefit from it.

Very soon, you can pay by voice

As you could imagine, voice payment is also a very near future; Both Amazon and Google Assistant have been adapting their platforms so that users can pay by just using their voice.Without a doubt, this will happen unless you sing a rooster! And we’ll see how companies will fight, more than ever, that first place in the results of voice searches.


Speakable, Google’s new feature for voice searches

Speakable (spoken, in Spanish) is a new Schema feature that Google is already using for voice searches.

It consists of revealing to the search engine what parts of a web page can be a good result for a specific voice search; that is, consider those texts that are convertible to voice.

Although Speak able is only used in the United States, it is expected to be expanded to other countries very soon.

The semantic search will gain importance

The semantic search can be understood as the effort made by the search engine to understand and interpret what the user is looking for.In this way, it is already known that for several years Google has been dedicated to understanding the context of each search, so it is not enough to position simple words or key phrases, but consider the semantic aspect.

This intention of Google has achieved a lot of success through voice searches, as these allow more natural, more real and easy to contextualize searches for search engines.

Content is created with the public in mind, not search engines

Previously, all SEO efforts focused on communicating certain information to search engines; even if this was nothing more than a facade.

But fortunately today the user experience is the most important, and you need to create the content just thinking about what it demands, to give you quick answers and make life easier .Opt for a common language that answers frequently asked questions and is understandable to people and the search engine.

The battle to reach the ‘zero position’ through fragments will not end

Achieving the desired ‘ zero position’ will not remain in the past, but the battle for it becomes more uphill, but if you use the featured fragments to communicate correctly with the search engine, you will have no problem getting it.With the fragments you can talk to Google and organize your content in a more strategic way, you just have to take the time to find long-tail keywords that are common within your customers.

Does the radio test pass your brand name?

The radio test refers to a company having a brand name that is understandable, easy to remember and pronounce.

As we are talking about voice searches, it is advantageous that you are selective when choosing the name of your brand, so that when the search engine reads it, it is not pronounced incorrectly and is a nuisance for you and your customers.The idea is to be remembered, and this will be impossible if your name is confusing and difficult to pronounce.

Directories will be more important than ever

When searching, the user wants to find the best option in a certain category, so it is very important to dedicate time to the directories, because that way you will get a better ranking in the SERP.

These directories must contain clear and basic information such as business name, address, telephone number, in short. And it will be good for you to have positive comments from other customers and a vote that indicates how they rank you.

Voice searches will be the norm

Even today voice searches are seen as something optional, but in a very short time they will be the standard; It will be the norm.Voice assistants are increasing in the market and the precision with which they respond to human demands are incomparable, so you have to forget those false theories that suggest that voice searches will go out of style.

Believe me, Amazon , Microsoft , Google and others, do not have time or money to lose it, and all these companies are focused on investing in technology and knowledge so that voice searches are the main (and careful if not the only) way to search and to meet the main demands of daily life.

Buy, sell, entertain, investigate … whatever you want, you will soon be able to access it through your voice.


How to optimize your website in SEO for voice searches

Use structured data

A while ago, I had already told you that searches from a semantic point of view were vital to better rank in voice searches, right? Well, using structured data is something basic to do semantic SEO, because it allows you to display your content specifically and making it more attractive to the search engine and the public.

Structured data adds reliability and helps you better optimize your content.

Don’t forget your Google My Business listing

Google My Business shouldn’t be something strange for you at this point; but just in case, you should know that this Google tool will help you highlight your business and put it on the map of local searches.

Create an attractive and accurate record about your company. Make sure your business name, address and phone numbers appear clearly; it also includes high quality photos, comments and positive opinions from customers and choose the category that best describes what type of products or services you offer.

Be Mobile-Friendly

Being Mobile-Friendly and having a mobile-adapted Web is a must, and using the Mobile First method in developing your Web is a recommendation, especially to enter the world of voice searches.

I think this is already more than clear. Check if your website meets Google’s requirements, and if not, make the necessary arrangements to make your business compatible with mobile devices.

In addition, you should check your content, as people get bored when they come across long, unattractive and continuous texts. Part of the device’s experience is to optimize all the content so that it is appropriate to it; Basic changes such as shorter sentences, clearer and more natural language, persuasive subtitles, among other copywriting techniques, will make a big difference, so get to work!

Answer your users’ questions through blog posts

The blog is an important part of your SEO and digital marketing strategy, because through it you can provide quality content to your audience and keep it hooked. Besides, it represents a very effective way to answer your questions, so pay attention.

Create publications based on people’s concerns, as this will not only help you in voice searches, but will make you get a better search engine ranking.

Take time to search for the keywords they use to refer to you or how they search for your company, find out what are the most frequent topics they leave in the blog comments and start giving them solutions.

Featured Fragments

A good part of the answers that are thrown into voice searches are the product of the outstanding fragments ; With these, you can easily answer any question or concern that is common to people and that involves a particular topic.

The trick is to be brief and provide useful information.

Speed ​​of your Web

It is no secret that the speed of a website is one of the most relevant criteria for ranking it.

Google gives priority to sites with optimal loading speed , and is no less demanding for voice searches, as these require a faster response time.

Domain authority

Websites with domains of great authority get more confidence from search engines, making them stand out in the first results of the list of results, so you can use some simple techniques to get good authority.

For example, you can give more importance to your content, because with them you get more external links or backlinks, a key strategy in what is known as SEO off page , and right there you can use internal links or link building so that search engines index better your information .

Optimize your information for longer queries

I think that the biggest advantage of the efforts that have been made to improve the way you search is that you can take advantage of long-tailed keywords.

It is no longer limited to a key word or phrase that is difficult to integrate into the contents and information of the Web, but there are greater opportunities to classify and be more consistent with the way people search.

Put yourself in the place of your users and discover what questions you would ask yourself if you wanted to find your own business; with what words they could find you, how to mark the way to you.

Take advantage of the FAQ strategy

The strategy of frequent questions is very efficient if you take the time to create a list with all the questions that your clients have. It’s about what they want to know, not what you think they should know.

Get to work on that list! Once you have identified all the most popular questions from the public, create useful, simple and well-written publications, where you answer each of the questions. In addition, it will be a plus that you can leave additional information related to your niche.

This strategy is so effective that there are sites for it, such as questions in Quora or AnswerthePublic, for example.

Figure in all possible websites

Figure or have links on as many websites as possible, is an end that you must pursue, because you get to be in the best positions of voice searches.

These kinds of appointments demand a lot of effort and work, but they are worth it; In addition, as the public speaks positively about you, you will achieve better local results.

Become Visible! Start climbing positions on Google!

Do you want your potential customers to find you, before your competition, when they search for your products or services on Google or other Internet search engines?

Conclusion: Voice and SEO searches are key to highlighting your business locally

I think there is still a lot to say about voice searches and how they influence SEO; however, as a Webmaster, I know that its greatest impact not only has to do with achieving a high ranking in the SERP, but also with conquering spaces and users that previously seemed unattainable.

Renewing SEO for voice searches will open opportunities that you never even dreamed of, and will make you stand out in local searches, which will be extremely convenient for your company.

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