FC Kenya, the team in Qatar with huge ambitions

The Local Organising Committee for Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup otherwise called, the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy has continued to awe the football world with numerous innovations that would definitely bequeath to the sporting world a new football culture and leave behind legacies that would be remembered long after this generation would have gone.

It was heartwarming therefore when, after the Committee’s inauguration one of the innovations brought to Qatar football was the introduction of the Qatar Community Football League, QCFL. The Qatar Community Football League (QCFL) was founded to provide local communities with an affordable and competitive football league. The SC continues to operate the league with the support of Evolution Soccer and the Qatar Football Association.

Founded in 2016, in the first year, the QCFL had 24 xem bong da truc tuyen teams playing across 2 division, this number has risen to 54 teams playing across 4 adult divisions and 2 youth divisions.

The commencement of the league elicited some ideas in one Kenyan immigrant worker, John Ngurugwe who works with the London Global University (UCL) in Qatar. Before the birth of the QCFL, Ngurugwe and a few friends who used to engage themselves in a Friday kick-about felt there could be more to their pastime than what they were doing for leisure. That was when the idea of forming a football club was hatched.

John Ngurugwe founded FC Kenya which not only boasts a huge fan base, but with founder member status of Qatar’s leading amateur football league

FC Kenya’s humble origins can be traced back to Friday’s kick-about at the park, where many Kenyan’s in the city gathered, simply to catch up with friends and enjoy their day off

In December 22, 2010, a 22-member FIFA Executive Committee that had convened in Zürich awarded Qatar hosting rights for the 2022 World Cup.

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