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Why People Do Not Care About Blackberry Anymore

“Technological advancement with BB 10 operating system”

“Technological advancement with BB 10 operating system”

With the rapid development of technology, the world has experienced a lot of dynamism in the development of the electronic devices such as the mobile phones. It is difficult for two weeks to pass before a new type of cell phone is introduced in the market. This has made the field very competitive as it is only the most effective manufacturers who are able to move with speed that can succeed. Many popular brands have been overtaken by other brands because of the failure to meet the standards that customers require. One of the phones that has been affected by the current trends in the industry is the Blackberry. Here are some reasons why people do not care about blackberry anymore.

No fun in blackberry

The blackberry was at one time the only indispensable business tool for many business owners and a large number of multinational companies used it. It represented the means to get connected anytime, anywhere in the world. However, in the modern days no one cares about blackberry anymore. Many people do not find fun in using it because of the introduction of other brands that surpass it in features and other applications.

Failure by blackberry to move with the market pace

“Giving Tough competition to its Competitors”

“Giving Tough competition to its Competitors”

One factor that no one cares about BlackBerry anymore is that the BlackBerry has not done the necessary to keep the pace in the industry. Currently, there are a variety of Smartphones in addition to tablet computers that offer computing power as some of the entire laptops used to do some years back. However, the blackberry has failed to keep up with this trend adopted by the Smartphones and tablet computer brands. There are varieties of different Smartphones that have come into the market over the last few years. Blackberry has been forced to compete with the Android Smartphones and iPhone that provides a huge amount of lifestyle, entertainment programs and a huge amount of games. These are some of the features that blackberry failed to adopt making it be overtaken by the iPhone and Smartphones. By the time blackberry realized that other brands were gaining a competitive edge, it introduced the Blackberry App World, but it was too late. This has made it remain behind thus losing popularity among many people.

Introduction of other mobile devices offering same services

Blackberry can still be used in the generic sense, but there are so many other devices that can still be used more conveniently. There are many other devices such as Smartphones and tablets that have come up that provide the services offered by the blackberry and, therefore one does not have to be limited by just using the blackberry. While in the past, it just used to be the blackberry, there are other better options such as Apples or Androids in the modern days. You do not only need one brand to be in touch wherever you are and the advent of such new technologies has opened the many opportunities to do so. People are no longer restricted to just one brand like it used to be in the past when blackberry was the only option. Any mobile devices today can provide all the required services making people not to care about blackberry anymore.

How to Know That You’ve Found Your Soul Mate

All of us hope to find “the one” – our soul mate, the person destined for us. As much as we would all like to meet that person soon, it can be pretty tough to know if he or she has finally arrived. Here are some tips that can help you determine if your current partner is truly “the one”.


You do not want a person who is not consistent. If your partner is consistent and makes you top priority at all times then there is a big chance that he or she is the one. Your soul mate, after all, is a person who can love you forever. Then again, you will not know immediately if a person is consistent or not. It takes time to know someone better. Nothing is instant when it comes to true and lasting love. Also, try not to dump people just because you did not feel any magic. You will never know if the person is meant to be your soul mate unless you give it a try.

Genuine Concern

The person should be genuinely concerned and make sure that everything is okay. He or she can sense what your needs are and tries hard to give it to you. If the person is your soul mate, words are sometimes no longer needed. He or she immediately knows what you need.

Best Friend

“A relationship must be rooted in Friendship”

“A relationship must be rooted in Friendship”

Attraction should be balanced with friendship. It is impossible to maintain the relationship if friendship is not present. Too much of anything is not good. You should respect each other and love should be mutual.


Intuition can help you find the right one. When someone is always your top priority and you would not hesitate to give that person your all then that individual can be “the one”. You feel a special connection that you do not feel with someone else. To put it simply, MAGIC should be present.


“Start listening”

“Start listening”

The person should listen to what you have to say and wants you to become better. True love means wanting the best for someone. Actions and words should be the same. Saying I LOVE YOU is not enough. The person should show it at all times. Moreover, your words will not be ignored and they should be taken seriously.
Finding the RIGHT ONE is not the same as finding THE ONE. You can always make an individual the right one by loving him or her.
Have you already met your soul mate? Do not rush yourself because he or she will come. When that moment comes, seize it. Don’t let the person go. Get to know each other better and find happiness even in the simplest things.

3 Tips On How To Boost Your Energy

As the Costs of lifestyle are increasing these days, everyone is so much of an effort to work more and earn more. Working for over 10 hours a day leaves you exhausted and drained for activities with your loved ones – the very reason why you’re scrubbing hard all day round. You just can’t psych up yourself to do more than rest and sleep no matter how enticing it is. This leaves your kids, hubby, and disappointed and seems to distance. The feeling of not seeing your family and friends happy with you is much worse than being physically tied up. To this end, we sum up 3 energy boosting tips to help you go further a little more.

Sleep up to 8 hours.

“Sleep 8 hours and wake up fresh”

“Sleep 8 hours and wake up fresh”

However busy you are, it is still important to rest within the exact period of time. Sleep is vital for you to function clearly during the day and for you to feel more productive. Sleep is like your energy bank where every hour that you put to sleep is an equivalent raise on your energy level. Giving back on what you owe after a long stressful moments refill your energy back.

Fill up your tummy.

“Have a heavy breakfast”

“Have a heavy breakfast”

I between snacks can feel up drained energies between tons of works. Chocolates could also help especially the dark one. We get an endorphine and a caffeine buzz on chocolates and dark chocolates have more than the white ones. Eating berries could also boost up your energy meter since berries contain a powerful antioxidant which increases your energy. But what’s most important of all is to drink 8 glasses of water a day. Fatigue is mainly because of dehydration. Dehydration makes you sluggish and incompatible for any type of work done. So it’s better refreshing up than all dried up.
Have a positive outlook.

The key to long and lasting energy is to be happy and cheerful. Heavy workloads can be done lightly if you keep a positive mindset. If you are happy, you feel much more of yourself and more work would be done because your vibes are high. Bad mood suck up all your energy. Frustration will take place. But you can fight it back by a little meditation. Relax and take a deep breath when something is unable to be done. One way, to fix your mood is to listen to your favorite music. This can put away all the bad aura and turn back your energy meter up.
Boosting up your energy means getting on the move all the time. Slouching in your chair will not help. Get revved up and do some action. Get moving to boost your heart rate which can pump up your adrenalines and take away all those sloppiness. You can do stretches once in a while. It is very energizing not just to the body but also the mind. Because the power of the body is always on the mind.

No More Disgruntled Employees: Notes for the Boss

“A dissatisfied employee diminishes productivity”

“A dissatisfied employee diminishes productivity”

Unfortunately, a disgruntled employee is a waste of office space; they are the most unproductive worker in the office. But if you think about it, no employee applied for a job and not planned to become a good contribution to the company or work he’s applying for. It is highly possible that these disgruntled employees are the same people that were once top performers. So what happened? Could it be that as their boss, you paid a good contribution to this matter at hand? Did you not do your part in inspiring your employees so they stay motivated to work hard? Did you fail to give credit where credit is due?
Research shows that bosses or managers often fail in the department of “employee motivation”. While it is true that each person in the workplace is responsible in his or her own professional happiness, managers are people that are being looked up to; they are expected to “mentor” their employees towards the path of success. In fact, disgruntled employees result in high employee turnover, disrupting productive work and lead to higher cost for manpower training.

If you care enough to salvage your company from these problems, then it pays to know what makes employees feel disgruntled. Likewise, interpret these pointers as areas for improvement as a boss. Dealing with just one or two of these issues will instantly improve your employees’ attitude and productivity at work.

1. Encourage more.

When employees were asked what is the top skill they expect their boss to demonstrate, their response was “inspire more and motivate more.” Too often, bosses react negatively to a disgruntled employee, adding fuel to the fire, when the right thing to do is to keep inspiring and to keep a positive communication going. You never know just how much an employee is willing to work harder when he or she remains inspired.

2. Trust more.

Trust is hard to come by, especially at work. We are always tempted to think that one does something for an ulterior motive. Bosses fail to trust their employees giving them no chance to work on tasks that will display their full potential. Employees fail to trust their bosses thinking that the same will take credit for their hard work. Earning each other’s trust is really an effort that both must strive for in order to grow.

3. Allow them to flap their wings.

“Let the creativity cut loose”

“Let the creativity cut loose”

Don’t just give your employee a job; instead help them make a career out of their job. No other person can help an employee advance in his or her career but his or her boss. Bosses must learn to treat his or her employees fairly by distributing assignments that help stretch their abilities and potentials.